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Independent workplace investigations to reliably resolve issues.

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Hello, I’m Ann,

an independent workplace investigator.

Drawing on extensive experience in corporate HR, I now specialise in conducting workplace investigations. This may be related to grievances, disciplinaries, whistleblowing, safeguarding, bullying, harassment and discrimination.

I understand that workplace investigations can be stressful and time consuming for everyone involved.

As an independent, qualified investigator, I can ease the pressure on your company by undertaking the investigation for you in a timely and professional manner.

Why an independent investigation may be necessary

There are several reasons your company may need my support, such as:

  • You have had a grievance raised that may be complex, which may include allegations of harassment, bullying and/or discrimination.

  • You need assistance, as an employer, to successfully defend tribunal claims and demonstrate that allegations have been properly addressed.

  • You require allegations of misconduct, or of a more serious nature, to be investigated under your disciplinary procedure.

Engaging my services brings multiple benefits:

  • HR support: Your HR team may not have the time, specialist skills or impartiality to conduct the investigation.

  • Discretion: You may require an investigation for senior members of staff that would be more appropriately conducted by an external investigator who is both confidential and impartial.

  • Independence: You may need an external investigator to avoid any internal conflicts of interest.

A rigorous approach founded on strong values


A 30-year background in HR, with knowledge of employment law and confidence in interacting with people, at all levels, in a fair and empathetic way.


As an external investigator, I have no connection to the parties, meaning I can be completely independent and unbiased.


I am fully conversant with GDPR and therefore privacy and confidentiality is a priority.

Headshot of Ann Reilly

Full independent investigations 

Whenever I undertake an investigation, I endeavour to make the process as easy as possible for the Complainant, Respondent and Witnesses. My personal approach provides you with a consistent, single point of contact throughout.

The process:

  1. Following a meeting with the commissioning manager, I will draft the Terms of Reference for your approval, following your company’s policies and procedures.
  2. I will conduct the agreed interviews and produce records of those interviews to establish the relevant facts and gather the evidence required.
  3. I will prepare a report with findings, along with recommendations (if requested), to support your company’s decision-making.

Investigations for business

While I now work mostly in the education sector, I also continue to apply my extensive corporate HR expertise to workplace investigations for established businesses. For more details, get in touch.

Locations covered:

I can conduct the investigation remotely via video call; or face-to-face, within a 50-mile radius of Warwickshire.

I can also provide a virtual note taker, if required.

Headshot of Ann Reilly

Ensure your investigation is in safe hands

If you would like to find out more, phone or email me to arrange a no-obligation call. We can discuss your requirements and I can explain the process in more detail and answer any questions you may have. From there, we can agree how the investigation will be conducted, and its duration, from which I can provide an estimated quote.